King Pleasure


Moody’s Mood for Love

King Pleasure had a distinctive, pleasant voice, great intonation and timing, and put some very catchy lyrics to well-chosen improvised solos. This album includes the famous version of ‘Moody’s Mood for Love’ with Blossom Dearie contributing a memorable interlude; it was originally Eddie Jefferson’s number, and he later recorded a parody, but this was nevertheless the best version. Also included is the famous version of ‘Parker’s Mood’, which Parker himself unexpectedly heard on the radio, thereby contributing to his decline and making him determined not to be buried in Kansas City (he was, however). Other highlights include ‘All of Me’, ‘The New Symphony Sid’, and especially ‘Little boy don’t get scared’, on which Pleasure puts some inspired and quite amusing lyrics to a Stan Getz solo: there is an even better version on the King Pleasure Sings, Annie Ross Sings album, where the father’s advice is answered by Jon Hendricks giving the little boy’s perspective: ‘fears are always goofin’ the joys of little boys!’