Every Voice Counts

Clockwork is a vocal quartet based in San Francisco which sounds like an updated version of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. They may not be particularly original, but what keeps me coming back to this 2010 album is the remarkably high standard of the musicianship, from both the singers and the various instrumentalists, as well as the inventiveness and humour of the arrangements. It is an added bonus that they chose to remake three of my favourite songs: ‘Rhode Island is Famous for You’ (not as good as the Blossom Dearie original, obviously, but well worth hearing), ‘My Attorney Bernie’ (not as good as the Dave Frishberg original, obviously, but well worth hearing), and ‘The Goodbye Look (the perfect version, better than both the Donald Fagen original and the Mel Tormé remake). I don’t like everything on the album – hearing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ once was enough for me - but most of it is brilliantly well-done and very addictive.